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3SGTE Top Mount Fuel Rail

3SGTE Top Mount Fuel Rail (Product)

Top Mount Fuel Rail: The stock injectors on the MR2 turbo 3SGTE are 440cc, and are a “side feed” style. This is not a very common style of injector, and consequently aftermarket injectors in larger sizes are limited in selection and tend to be expensive! The stock fuel rail is marginal in design to begin [...]

Toyota/Scion Bushing Combo Pack

Toyota/Scion Bushing Combo Pack (Product)

Bushing Combo Pack: Our Brass Shifter Bushings coupled with our Aluminum Base Bushings provides you with the best shifting experience available! With the Bushing Combo Pack you too can share that experience without breaking the bank. The pack includes both Brass Shifter Bushings and Aluminum base bushings at a budget friendly price. Our kits replace [...]

Toyota Engine Mounts

Toyota Engine Mounts (Product)

Toyota Engine Mounts: The Speed-Source Polyurethane Engine Mount Kit is engineered to replace the stock rubber front and rear mounts with solid polyurethane. A steel insert keeps the poly mounts centered and locates the thru-bolt. With this kit installed, the car will be more responsive to throttle input, launch more effectively, and the LSD will [...]

3SGTE MK 1.5 Swap

3SGTE MK 1.5 Swap (Product)

MK 1.5 Swap Kit: Replacing the 1.6 liter 4AGE engine in the 85′-89′ Toyota MR2 with the turbocharged 2.0 liter 3SGTE engine is a great upgrade. The resulting car has been called the “MK1.5″, and is very popular. To accomplish this engine conversion, the stock left and right engine mounts must be cut off the [...]

Toyota/Scion Clutch Pushrod

Toyota/Scion Clutch Pushrod (Product)

Extended Clutch Pushrod: People have found that aftermarket clutches, especially those with heavy pressure plates, make complete disengagement of the clutch difficult. This makes gear changes difficult and may make the transmission grind when shifting from neutral. ¼” longer than stock, made from CNC turned 303 stainless steel. This slightly longer shaft puts the slave [...]

Toyota/Scion Clutch Line

Toyota/Scion Clutch Line (Product)

Stainless Clutch Line: The stock hose from Toyota is a nylon reinforced rubber hose. As the clutch pedal is depressed, the pressure in the line causes the stock hose to expand. Our Stainless braided hose does not expand with pressure and heat! Our line consists of durable Teflon tubing tightly weaved with a stainless steel [...]

Toyota/Scion Base Bushings

Toyota/Scion Base Bushings (Product)

Shifter Base Bushings: Our Shifter Base Bushing Kit replaces the stock, squishy rubber bushings that support the shifter base in your car. Our bushings are CNC precision turned from 6061-T6 Aluminum for a precise fit . This kit is super-easy to install, it only takes 30 minutes, and you will feel the difference immediately! Package Includes: – [...]

Toyota/Scion Shifter Bushings

Toyota/Scion Shifter Bushings (Product)

Brass Shifter Cable Bushings: The stock rubber and metal sleeved bushing will wear and deteriorate, making the shifter feel less precise and slowing down your shifting times! This shifter bushing kit will help to tighten the feel of your shifter by eliminating the stock rubber bushing in the shift cable.   Package Includes: – (2) [...]